Monday, June 20, 2011


The kids have been keeping us busier than usual: Bailey’s social life has sky-rocketed and Keegan’s got a new-found networking venture at Gorilla Hole – and it so seems that we do, in fact, negotiate with terrorists in our house. This weekend also entailed another fabulous baby shower, our last and final summer league volleyball game, end-of-season party, and Father’s Day. It was indeed busy…but pleasant. Pete opted out of his Perry’s Steakhouse brunch, and chose breakfast at our regular Sunday dive followed by an early morning movie, The Green Lantern (surprisingly entertaining). Then, it was off to the Lacy’s ranch where we joined a fairly large crowd and a feast suitable for an army. I nearly consumed an entire coconut cream pie all by myself. [For a moment there, chewing was deemed over-rated -- I inhaled the dang thing!]

Point here being that I cannot recall the last time we had a nothing-to-do, relaxing weekend. All this craziness has deviated me from things needing to be done: cleaning, dinner preparing, keeping up with friends, and getting prepared for baby. After several weeks of unscheduled chaos, I find myself feeling adrift, and perhaps (despite the festivities galore), a little sad. I realize that without a routine, I am without sanity.

A routine’s best gift comes in the morning when I can wake up and start the day without existentially panicing about my life’s meaning. With a routine in place, I can go about my business on auto-pilot – completing tasks and getting stuff done. In the absence of routine, my mind goes to dark places and my body goes to…Target. BB&B. Ikea. Lowe’s. And the like.

Yes, that’s right. Apparently, when the kids aren’t around and I am avoiding productive work like the plague, my eyes dart about my house looking for projects that will take all day and yield minimal life-improving results…home improvement “ideas” courtesy of a mind doped up on HGTV.

Put all of the kids’ artwork in frames, just like Genevieve Gorder said to do on Dear Genevieve. Can’t afford a big piece of artwork? Frame lots of little things in discount frames spray-painted the same color just like that weirdo stubby guy told me to do on Design on a Dime. When we sell our house (which we have zero plans of doing in the next 10 years), I better damn well get rid of all that clutter in the corner just like Lisa LaPorta would have me do on Designed to Sell. If my block was featured on Curb Appeal the Block, I’ll be damned if my house is picked by John Gidding and his lackeys for a makeover! I gotta get to the nursery and buy some living plants STAT!

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