Tuesday, June 14, 2011


i was in something of a mood when i woke up yesterday morning. i spent most of the morning flailing myself around on the bed and whining to pete about how miserable i was and how he couldn’t possibly understand what i was going through. i reiterated that i was tired and could very easily see myself giving into laziness.

but he did exactly what every man with a volatile, pregnant wife should do - he “poor baby’d” me, gave me plenty of back rubs and neck rubs and kisses and convinced me to get dressed and go to our favorite breakfast spot. all he had to say was “food” and i was up and dressed in under 10 minutes.

after breakfast we went to a movie, and later decided what i needed was pool time. while i dressed, pete packed a cooler and some of my favorite snacks. i was in utter bliss for the next couple of hours, frolicking in the lazy river with my honey.

it was exactly the day i needed.

i’m still incredibly uncomfortable today – more specifically, i feel gigantic today -- but yesterday renewed me in a small way.

allowing myself to wallow in self pity for the final weeks of my pregnancy would do nothing but drag them along even more slowly than they already are. that’s just not an option when i don’t know if i’ve got 4 weeks or 6 weeks in front of me. if i’ve got to spend each day floating in a bathtub and reading mags - so be it - but i’m not going to let this get the best of me.

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