Friday, June 3, 2011


I promised myself I’d never take “the maternity picture.”  You know the one.  Daddy’s arms around mommy’s belly with hands affectionately forming… gag… excuse me… a heart.  There’s nothing wrong with this photo.  AT ALL.  Calm your rage oh you who just did this exact shot!  It’s just that I didn’t want to do the typical maternity image that every mother who’s every had her belly photographed has in one of her 9 baby albums (9 for the first child that is… 1 for the second…a few images in an envelope somewhere for the third… and oh, that poor fourth child, he has to borrow pictures from his brother when he’s highlighted on the bulletin board in Kindergarten).  I marched right into that session ready to stand by my commitment to creativity!

“Mandi, you stand here.  Pete, you stand behind her.  Let’s do that shot with Daddy’s arms around you?!?”  I stood by that pledge of mine…frozen…for a full… well, 2.4 seconds…then realizing the photographer never said the word “heart.”  I was so prepared to do the whole smile and head tilt…” uhhhh….nuh-uh.”  Of course I probably would have done the shot.  But we never had to!  We did a lot of other stuff instead.  Take that, belly button heart picture!

If you’re planning to have a maternity photo shoot, I suggest avoiding these clich├ęs:
  • Definitely avoid silhouetting bellies, hand-hearts over belly, and just anything that is overplayed.  I think just having a pregnant woman in a picture qualifies it as maternity.
  • Steer clear of those cheesy muslin studio backdrops.  You know, the crinkled tie dyed looking variants of gray or maroon.  They don't look natural and neither will you. 
  • Remember that what works with your clothes on doesn't necessarily work with your clothes off.  There is the classic shot of one partner behind the other in a big group hug around the belly.  Take your clothes off and it is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IMAGE.  Stop for a sec and think about it.  Yup.  Don't let that be you.  Ick!
This day was humid and sticky, and a heat stroke nearly ensued.  ...for poor Jessie, the photographer.  Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed celebrating our baby bump!  To view more of Jessie's fabulous photography, please visit her website at

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  1. Wow!! I LOVE you maternity pictures! You both look amazing! You photographer did an excellent job...but then again, she had some great models! Love them all!!! Super neat location too!


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