Wednesday, June 1, 2011


things are changing and fast it seems. i have turned into a true pregnant woman.

let me ‘splain…

in the last week i have tripped about 1,000 times. my normal klutzy count is only about 500, so this is news. my balance is whack!

they say i’ll gain more weight in the third trimester, and that little mister will triple in size. they weren’t kidding -- the scale is jumping -- not even creeping!

soooo. in an effort to avoid tipping the scale, i have been exercising. pete and i have been riding our bikes a bit more than we had been. i mean formal “this is exercise” rides. it feels good! [when it’s over.]

i’m slow as molasses. actually, slower. it seems like everything around me is in warp speed. pete and the kids can reach their destination and back before i’ve stood from a sitting position. and i am as tired as they were at the end of it. i even get sore muscles over short distances. carrying an extra 30-something lbs and having increased blood volume really does affect a woman.

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