Monday, June 27, 2011


dear baby,

we’ve been having more fun with your baby stuff than i think we are supposed to. technically, all of these books and “chew toys” (as your daddy calls them) and musical gadgets are for your benefit -- but your daddy and i have found ourselves in fits of laughter at night while we try them out.

your room is so peaceful – i could sit in there for hours.  i think daddy could, also.  he’s built for you the cutest little mobile, with plush sea animals we purchased at atlantis bahamas on our babymoon.

i am daydreaming constantly about what it will feel like to hold your little body in my arms. and as funny as this sounds, i can’t wait to smell you, little one. i suspect you’ll be the best smelling baby of all.

on a different note, my body is now on strike.   my legs don’t want to walk.  my hips don’t want to sway.  my fingers look little sausages, and it hurts to stand up, or sit down, or lay in bed.

nothing i do makes me comfortable.

remember a few weeks ago when i said i wanted you to take your time getting here?  well, things have changed.  you can come out now!!

my body is revolting against me -- it’s punishing me, protesting and making me miserable.

this has been a wonderful experience. i have truly loved being pregnant with you.  but i’m done now.  i’m serving you with an eviction notice. effective immediately.

unless i can get one of those hover-round scooters like those old ladies drive to the grand canyon. better yet, finish these last few weeks floating around weightless in a big pool. and a full body massage.  and the ability to roll over in bed without it being a 4 step process.  i want to see my feet again.  but…more than anything…

i just want to meet you.


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