Tuesday, May 31, 2011


nothing makes me cheez more. 

the game is very dear to me – being that i played for school and many a weekend at the beach well into my adulthood.  5’3” sure has its disadvantages in such a sport, but the position of setter can somewhat be compared to that of a quarterback on a football team, or that of a point guard on a basketball team – when it comes to directing the team’s offensive attack, that is.  nothing short of exciting indeed, but i never got the pleasure of slamming the ball into the face of the opposing team’s smack-talking players.  and i mean that as fun-loving as possible.

bailey hasn’t quite nailed all the fundamentals, but we’re getting there.  getting there faster than i expected, in fact.  i lost count on the number of points she scored just last night.  i am eager to see her set, dump, and gain more control of the ball overall, but her first priority appears to be the overhand serve. 

all in all, she’s developed a love for the game.  she’ll be a success in this sport, no doubt.  plus, she’s way leggier than i ever was.

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