Thursday, June 2, 2011


Lately, I’ve been waking early and spending the first moments of my mornings thinking about the continuation of AND in my life.

For so long, it was just me. I was Mandi. Singular me.

It was when Keegan came along that I acquired my first AND. Only two years later Bailey came along. AND moved forward in the equation.

Mandi, Keegan AND Bailey.  My time... my energy... my focus exploded in even newer directions as I watched their sweet presence change every facet of what I knew about love and devotion. There was even more to consider, more weight to every decision, more motivation for every action I took.

With Peter, my AND moved forward again.

Mandi, Keegan, Bailey AND Peter. There was someone else to worry about. Someone else to care for. Someone else to consider and put before my own needs.

So lately, I’ve been lying in bed, observing my big AND my littles. I rub my growing, round belly as it rests against the soft cotton of our sheets, and attempt to prepare my heart and mind for our AND to move again.

Mandi, Pete, Keegan, Bailey, AND Reef.

Soon enough, we will be five. Another warm body will fill our bed and we’ll all be carried along in the continuation of this beautiful life and the future possibilities of AND.

It feels so good to be a part of this.

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