Sunday, June 19, 2011


dear peter,

you are simply amazing. you truly are. not a day that goes by do i not thank god for your existence.

your love for our unborn child…oh god is that love deep already!  i see the look you get in your eyes just talking about him.  you show so much pride for me and our little man, but you should know, we are even more proud of you…daddy!

after the same ol’ typical day at the office, i just assume i’m headed to another typical evening at home…instead, i find myself in awe, and most times hysterics, at something you’ve said…or done.  every day you do something else to amaze me, whether it's doing the housework all by yourself, painting me pictures, your exponential amounts of affection despite my efforts to push you away, or when you tell me I'm beautiful when I'm wearing your too-big boxers.  and as it’s always been, i love how we finish each other’s sentences, and those unfathomable moments when we read the thoughts of the other without being prompted.  i blush and roll my eyes, but i love the passion with what you sing to me "marry me" or "I'm yours" -– you make me feel adored.  and how you say "yes" to…well, just about anything that makes me smile.  most of all, i love the times you know exactly what i need before i even know it i need it.

from the first meeting, you gave of yourself to keegan and bailey in a way i’ve yet to see in another step-parent. and though they may never call you daddy…you are more.

when things get hard for me (pregnant or not), you don’t falter a bit.  you pick up my broken pieces, put them back together, and go about your day like it’s no big deal.  you have truly been my partner throughout all of this. you have taken care of me in a way that no one else has.

i’m discovering that no matter how deeply and thoroughly you know and love someone, there is always something new to learn about them.

meeting you wasn’t about adding layers to my life.  it was about stripping down to the core of who i am, and who you are.  our love for each other isn’t about additions.  no.  rather our love is like a haiku…saying so very much but in a reduction of everything.

happy father’s day to you. on this day and every day.


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