Monday, May 23, 2011


am i the only one who has, since conception, lost about 95% of their vocabulary? for some reason i am having a serious case of the brain farts! mind you this all could indeed be related to the past several months of broken sleep combined with two falls, additional fatty tissue on my body constricting the blood flow, and a general lack of a well-rounded, non-baby related conversation topic.

on several occasions i have noticed myself completely forgetting common everyday words like "toast" (yup…i mean the cooked version of bread) and "calculator" ("hey, what’s the name of that thing you add things on?!"). combine the loss of vocabulary with the occasional time i have forgotten what i was saying mid- sentence, and i am pretty sure you can see the smoke start blowing out of my ears! tell me i am not the only one in this situation!!

i am hoping that with a few nights of glorious snooze time, i will have my words flowing back into my noggin for keeps!

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