Wednesday, May 4, 2011


happy star wars day!


you know.  today is may 4.  may the fourth.  may the force be with you!

okay.  a bit corny.  normally i am not a fan of puns.  wait!  yes i am.  and i am a star wars fan.  pete, too.  he’ll appreciate this one in case none of you do.  he gets me.  we get each other.  a well-placed yoda, “hmmmm?” speaks volumes in our house!

it’s so great that pete and i see eye-to-eye on nearly everything.  not just the big stuff: religion, money, children, domestic topics, etc.  shortly after meeting, there was a shocking revelation that we were the male and female version of the same person.  that such even existed.  no joke!  there’s truly no issue that’s made us question our union.  oh, but wait!!  there is one.  the numero uno battle: the definition and frequency of dessert.  yep, dessert.  we’re committed to presenting a united front to our children, but in this instance, i’m a bit more lenient than my honey.  if i had it my way entirely, dessert would be the first course of each meal.

speaking of sweets, i was the lucky contestant for a glucose challenge test this morning.  it’s not a blog important event, but it’s a milestone in this pregnancy nonetheless.  let’s face it.  pregnancy comes with some definite perks (guilt-free naps, midnight burger runs, and a doggone cute baby at the end of it all).  but the gtt is less-than-exciting.  it’s a really fun test.  involves a nasty uber sweet beverage and a blood draw. 

the upside to today’s ob appt:  i’m entering my third trimester!  yeah-yuh!

Loves notes from my Peter and my Bailey.

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