Tuesday, May 31, 2011


nothing makes me cheez more. 

the game is very dear to me – being that i played for school and many a weekend at the beach well into my adulthood.  5’3” sure has its disadvantages in such a sport, but the position of setter can somewhat be compared to that of a quarterback on a football team, or that of a point guard on a basketball team – when it comes to directing the team’s offensive attack, that is.  nothing short of exciting indeed, but i never got the pleasure of slamming the ball into the face of the opposing team’s smack-talking players.  and i mean that as fun-loving as possible.

bailey hasn’t quite nailed all the fundamentals, but we’re getting there.  getting there faster than i expected, in fact.  i lost count on the number of points she scored just last night.  i am eager to see her set, dump, and gain more control of the ball overall, but her first priority appears to be the overhand serve. 

all in all, she’s developed a love for the game.  she’ll be a success in this sport, no doubt.  plus, she’s way leggier than i ever was.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Monday, May 23, 2011


am i the only one who has, since conception, lost about 95% of their vocabulary? for some reason i am having a serious case of the brain farts! mind you this all could indeed be related to the past several months of broken sleep combined with two falls, additional fatty tissue on my body constricting the blood flow, and a general lack of a well-rounded, non-baby related conversation topic.

on several occasions i have noticed myself completely forgetting common everyday words like "toast" (yup…i mean the cooked version of bread) and "calculator" ("hey, what’s the name of that thing you add things on?!"). combine the loss of vocabulary with the occasional time i have forgotten what i was saying mid- sentence, and i am pretty sure you can see the smoke start blowing out of my ears! tell me i am not the only one in this situation!!

i am hoping that with a few nights of glorious snooze time, i will have my words flowing back into my noggin for keeps!

Monday, May 16, 2011


saturday was a very special day.  a celebration of our little mister.  i believe we had approximately 28 in attendance – each and every person, a someone special.  i wish i had more words for thank you.  i wish i had access to fireworks and skywriting planes and billboards to show our appreciation.

i spent almost an hour last night, sitting on the couch going through each gift, shaking my head in disbelief, ooohing over every darling little outfit and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people who care about us and our little boy. 

as the kids gusted in play upstairs and pete finagled with something in the nursery, i slowly slid off the sofa and i sat on the floor of our home and just…listened.

you could hear the faintest bit of traffic zipping by on the other side of the giant oak trees that insulate our house.  the birds chirped a peaceful song.  the cats spread eagle on the wood floor in their food coma.  the consumption of photos, depicting so many of our amazing memories, blanket the surfaces of the furniture all around me.

it felt like the entire world was still and i was there, with my knees bent to the side, lying on the rug and staring up at the ceiling when the feeling hit me.

i am so grateful for all of this.

i have asked god more times than i can ever count why he chose to give me this life.  i certainly am not worthy.  not in the least.  this family.  these friends.  the opportunities.  my beautiful husband (to be), our children, and this precious, precious baby boy that’s soon making his grand appearance.

nothing i have ever done warrants the gifts that have been bestowed upon me. 

in all the writing i’ve done in my life, i’ve wished a hundred times that there was a word deeper than love.  and lately i find myself wishing over and over for a word greater than thankfulness.

my life is not glamorous.  i will never be the most beautiful, the most creative, the wealthiest.  i am as imperfect as they come.  but somehow, despite my flaws, this little life of mine is heavy with grace.

and i find myself on so many occasions, lying on the floor (or in the car or in bed or any number of other places) with my head spinning -- wondering just how i’ll ever be worthy of so much.

Monday, May 9, 2011


currently, i am really trying very hard to turn myself over to fluidity.  there is so much good.  so much change.  so much possibility standing in front of my little family right now and i feel like all i can do is come along for the ride.

i am doing my best to fight off the what ifs and the worries.  instead of trying to control and plan everything out, i am learning to live in this moment and enjoy the walk down this path that our lives are taking.

i don’t know exactly where all of this is leading us, but i just feel in my bones that we’re headed somewhere good.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Lunch at Kirby's Steakhouse

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


happy star wars day!


you know.  today is may 4.  may the fourth.  may the force be with you!

okay.  a bit corny.  normally i am not a fan of puns.  wait!  yes i am.  and i am a star wars fan.  pete, too.  he’ll appreciate this one in case none of you do.  he gets me.  we get each other.  a well-placed yoda, “hmmmm?” speaks volumes in our house!

it’s so great that pete and i see eye-to-eye on nearly everything.  not just the big stuff: religion, money, children, domestic topics, etc.  shortly after meeting, there was a shocking revelation that we were the male and female version of the same person.  that such even existed.  no joke!  there’s truly no issue that’s made us question our union.  oh, but wait!!  there is one.  the numero uno battle: the definition and frequency of dessert.  yep, dessert.  we’re committed to presenting a united front to our children, but in this instance, i’m a bit more lenient than my honey.  if i had it my way entirely, dessert would be the first course of each meal.

speaking of sweets, i was the lucky contestant for a glucose challenge test this morning.  it’s not a blog important event, but it’s a milestone in this pregnancy nonetheless.  let’s face it.  pregnancy comes with some definite perks (guilt-free naps, midnight burger runs, and a doggone cute baby at the end of it all).  but the gtt is less-than-exciting.  it’s a really fun test.  involves a nasty uber sweet beverage and a blood draw. 

the upside to today’s ob appt:  i’m entering my third trimester!  yeah-yuh!

Loves notes from my Peter and my Bailey.
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