Wednesday, April 20, 2011


this past weekend was extra exciting for the kids. keegan’s practicing certainly paid off – the 5th grade pulled together an ensemble for performance before a judge. keegan managed very well, both as a team player and soloist. between you and me, he rocked it. mom was proud!

while keegan and bailey were off having a grand ol’ time at the kemah boardwalk crawfish festival, pete and i were back at the casa working diligently through our “honey-do” list. frankly, i don’t know who’s doing more of the “nesting”…pete…or myself. it’s an obsessive state of organizing every nook and cranny, cleaning baseboards, vacuuming morning and night, and completing the projects no one took initiative to tackle previously. our latest feat…wall decals. the vendor’s sales pitch “we guarantee our wall decals to be easy to install.” yeah. about as easy as performing plastic surgery on a meatball.

wall decals are vinyl stickers made to be used on interior walls or flat surfaces. it’s basically a form of wall art. (someone else’s art) but the number of options out there are limitless. we selected a wakeboard decal for keegan, a sport he’s been passionate about since 2009. bailey, on the other hand, cares very little about decorating – she’s a tomboy through and through. we selected a tree branch…an artsy form of a tree branch mind you.

removing the vinyl from paper backing was a challenge, but we managed through it and both rooms came out perfect. see for yourself. and let me know what you think.

bailey ran in the 2011 conroe district fun run on behalf of sally k ride elementary early this week. (sorry folks. i’m not done yammering yet.) while placing 2nd amongst the 3rd grade girls at skr, she placed 32nd (approx 50th percentile) at the fun run. although we were extremely proud of her, she was not accepting of her ranking and is already planning a huge comeback for next year. watch out! competition makes a warrior of this laid back character. i’m glad to see the ambition she beholds.

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