Wednesday, April 27, 2011


no annual picture with the easter bunny this year.  nope.  i’m afraid fric and frac believe they are too old for that part of easter celebration.  baskets filled to the brim with exciting goodies however…remain acceptable.

the “eggcelent” (see what I did there?) celebration began at the family lake house with the roaches on saturday.  we feasted as though food was going out of style.  little maddox (almost 2 years old) entertained us all with his new words and great big grins. 

pete also gave us a good laugh – bolting off his boat, shrilling -- it’s been a bit like mouse hunt lately.  only without the comedy.  and without nathan lane.  and without an ending.

sunday morning ensued a hunt for eggs that crazy easter bunny scattered around our yard.  an “eggstremely” good time!  fric and frac’s baskets were filled with trinkets and toys that won’t promote cavities and gluttony.  the bunny took a bit of sugar out of easter this year – thank you, mr bunny. 

more afternoon fun was had at the lacy’s bar 39 ranch, where another “eggstravaganza” of yummy food and 20 family members greeted us.  flying kites, driving the tractor, and petting the new colts were just a few of the highlights.

all in all, our families bulged with an energy that represented the true meaning of easter – the celebration of life.  a new life.  a gift that was bestowed upon us thousands of years ago.  for that, i am grateful.

as for the pregnancy, twelve short weeks (give or take a few days) remain.  that’s all that stands between me and finally meeting this little guy in my belly!  all of a sudden, i think he’s finally decided to get excited about hitting the home stretch because holy smokes! does this kid like to move.  i keep saying it over and over again but he’s just so strong!  sometimes he moves so suddenly and with such force that it takes my breath away - i’m a little worried at what’s in store for me as he grows bigger because he’s already throwing his weight around something fierce in there! 

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