Sunday, April 17, 2011


please welcome miss addison louis to the world!  and a big congratulations to my sweet friend, jessica.  i apologize that i didn’t get this out sooner – the little miss arrived on 2/01/11 at 4:16pm.  she ranked in the featherweight category at 6 lbs 1oz and was 19 inches long.  isn’t she a cutie patootie?!?!

you know what is the beautiful thing about becoming a mother?  you get to always be one.  it’s not like being a child or a teenager or a twenty something -- those are all phases.  they are all moments in life that come and go.  but to be a mother.  to become that woman who holds a tiny newborn in her arms and who watches that newborn grow into a unique individual.  to become that woman who knows the feeling of loving another being with every cell in her body -- the beautiful thing about that is that it never ends.  no matter what happens in life.  becoming a mother is a journey that always will continue.   and knowing that i get the privilege of doing this all again, makes my heart smile.

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