Wednesday, March 2, 2011


There was a time in my children’s younger lives when potty humor reigned. At 9 and 11, however, it hasn’t seized.

I found myself wrinkling my nose in disgust as my son talked about poop on the way to school the other day, reminding me that in a few short months, our lives will revolve around poop….poopie diapers, floaters in the tub, and plainly the scent of poop and baby powder that will soon be the standard aroma. A few minutes later, he tells me he wants a poop sandwich for lunch (followed by gales of laughter). I know it’s what kids do. But it’s not funny. And just when you think you’ve escaped it after the days of potty training your child, it hunts you down again in the form of pre-teen humor.

Kids will be kids, right? I let it go if it’s harmless enough. But at the dinner table? And in public? That’s cause for a reprimand in my book.

Then, just last night, the kids and I were lounging on the sofa watching American Idol. Keegan played on his iTouch during the commercials. There’s a song, I assume called “I need you.” Anyhow, when the chorus began, he leaned forward and sang, “I need poop!” He sang it with feeling, with heart, in key, and he stretched out the word “poop” as the band stretches out the word “you.” And I lost it.

The word poop fit so nicely into this love duet and sounded so ridiculous and so…spot on. I belly laughed real good. Don’t you love the way belly laughs cleanse your soul, make you feel light and airy and just…happy? I felt grateful to poop right about then, and grateful to Keegan for bringing me that moment of joy.

So, as I wiped my watery eyes, I decided that sometimes…poop is funny.

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