Monday, March 21, 2011


The one thing every mama dreams of as soon as she sees the telltale + sign on the pregnancy test, "what will we name him or her?"  For me, of course, it was two weeks after the shock wore off.  It's usually a deeply personal process, one that takes much research, discussion and compromise to come to the PERFECT name.  Except for Pete and me –- we decided within an hour’s time. 

I recently read an article on titled,
Someone Stole My Baby Name that made me start to think about what I would do if someone did indeed steal my baby name -- which no one would – in fact, the few people we’ve told (no names mentioned) sorta turned up their noses.  On the other hand, my cool friends (and you know who you are) love it.  

The article discusses the different ways baby names are "stolen" -- either purposefully or inadvertently -- and how to deal with the situation.  The bottom line is if someone steals your baby name, there is really diddly you can do about it.
I do know a few sly mamas who knew their prego friends had sticky fingers when it came to names, so they lied about what the baby's name would be. That's pretty hilarious, IMO.  I may do the same for this baby from this point forward - although I will tell you that his first name will start with "R”.  For a girl, we anticipated River Marie or Rory Marie – Marie belonging to that of Pete’s grandma.

I do think there are some occasions when grand theft of the naming kind is acceptable - like if you are a third-party association to a name (i.e. a friend of a friend of a friend). Celebrity baby names are also up for grabs - although it might be kind of obvious if you choose one of the off-the-wall ones like Apple or Scout.  Some mamas-to-be throw out multiple name options before they decide on "the one."  I say any of the names she didn't use are also up for grabs.  All is fair in love and baby naming!  Hehe!
And the moment you've all been waiting for.  Me.  Huge.  Ta-da!

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