Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On the subject of food.  I don’t want to feel as fatigued and gross as the first pregnancy.  But come on, they’re baked goods. They are like my siren song of junkiness.  Put a chocolate chip cookie in front of me and I’ll sing like an angel! Seriously – my friends don’t call me “cookie monster” for nothing.  Everyone is leaving me cookies, muffins, candy, cupcakes…"for the baby."
Plenty of us can stuff ourselves to the gills with “good” stuff and then still manage to find a leeeeeetle bit of room for the “bad” stuff, even if it means a stomachache later.  (And by “plenty of us” I mean “me.”)  How do you nicely turn down the junk food gifts from coworkers?  I feel powerless.  POWERLESS.

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