Friday, March 11, 2011


Seriously - the peeing is out of control. Every 30 minutes, off I go to the bathroom. I remember peeing frequently the first time and second time around, but not THIS much!  I just read that it may have something to do with where the placenta attached -- the baby could be sitting on my bladder more so than last time.  Ay-yi-yi!!  A message to my future child: keep it moving you little booger... the uterus is still pretty roomy so there must be another place to settle in.  Muchas gracias!
I’m sure this site is uber old, but funny nonetheless,
What were these women thinking?! And how in the world did they talk their husbands into this trip to crazy town? Let's blame it on the hormones...

If you are a fellow prego, I warn you - view at your own risk.  Hysterical laughing may ensue causing sudden, uncontrollable peeing.

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