Monday, February 28, 2011


Yeah, so I spent wasted something like 3 hours of my precious live life on the Oscars show yesterday evening, or otherwise known as, the Gay Superbowl.  It was, IMHO, mediocre.  James Franco and Anne Hathaway are pretty great performers, but they are not comedians, as they proved last night at great length.  James was mentally in two places at one time.  And Anne is best playing a jealous bride friend.  The Dance of the Brown Duck?  I mean, c’mon…really?  Then, the lady with the dress that looked like a mass of lace doilies sewn together dropped the f-bomb at The Oscars.  Real classy.  More appropriate for the MTV video awards.  Oh, and Christian Bale with his fake beard.  Is he afraid of being recognized as Batman?  Furthermore, I used to love Charlie Chaplin’s ballad Smile, and then Celine Dion had to go and sing it.  Another one bites the dust!  Last but not least, if getting kissed by Russell Brand is a requirement to receive your Oscar, I for one, would just tell them, “Keep it!”  [shiver]

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