Sunday, February 27, 2011


For the past week I was deprived of my modern conveniences – no upstairs a/c and no dishwasher. I had a small taste of what life might have been like as a mom in the 1940s. To say I didn’t enjoy it much is an understatement.

I dreaded the inevitable question three times a day, “what are we eating?” Immediately I responded with “WHERE would you like to eat?” It will truly be a domestic happy-hour for me when the dishwasher is repaired…tomorrow. Bleh!

Just imagine….in the old days, very few could afford washing machines, and of course no one had tumble dryers or dishwashers. [My Aunt Christine was a great story teller about the days of her childhood and that of my dad’s.] “A tub was hauled out on wash day and clothes were scrubbed by hand on the washboard then put through the mangle to wring them out. Of course there was no choice but to line-dry all the clothes and bed linen, or in inclement weather, drape them all around the house.”

Oh the thought -- the amount of work with a baby in the house must have been horrendous!

I’m sure it was awfully hard work for our grandmothers and those before them, but they coped. They didn’t know any different. I’ve been truly spoiled by my life in the 21st century – I’ve got used to my modern household appliances. Sadly I’ve come to rely on them to the point where if I’m without them I don’t really know how to begin to tackle the jobs the old fashioned way. Rather, it feels like some kind of survival course. Never again will I moan about loading and unloading the dishwasher.

Well, not this side of Easter anyway.

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