Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was recently browsing some repeats of Scrubs and ran into the wedding episode. I love the part where JD remembers making out with a “short” girl or…"maybe she was on her knees." Turk reminds him she was a midget. It was great stuff.

Well, I too am engaged! Yes, thank you, [bowing] thank you [turning and bowing].

You know, looking back, I never wanted to talk about it when Pete would bring it up. Marriage, that is. And it came up often. Imagine a child. Hands over ears. Humming. That was me.  Possibly eluding to Pete that I may not have wanted to marry him -- poor thing. I suppose I just knew that he and I are meant to be together – so why do I need a ring on my finger to validate that notion? Instead of pressuring the poor guy to propose, I relished in the fact that I’m with a man who constantly reminds me how much I am adored; a man who showers me with affection morning, noon, and night; someone who goes above and beyond to ensure my happiness –- it's so much more than what most people have.

Inevitably, however….it happened! Yep! And I’ve been over the moon since. My left hand is a daily reminder of Pete’s proposal –- well, the few phrases I can remember amidst the surprise -- I'm his "best friend" -- he's "never been happier" -- all in all, they were the most beautiful words and the very expressions of my feelings for him in return.

How we met was so simplistic -- through mutual friends. Yet, why we so cosmically drawn to one another, I will never have answers for. A relationship was the last thing on my "to do" list, as was his. All I knew was I had to at least give it a chance and it took a lot of persistent coercing on his part. But it was the best risk I ever took. You hear people say “when you know, you just know” and I never could make sense of that until Peter. I just always knew. I was pulled to him by some magnetic force that I had never before experienced. Even before I loved him, I loved him. There always was a spot inside of me, just waiting to be filled by him. And I’ve never needed anything else since.

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