Friday, January 28, 2011


In the week’s following my decision to merge households with Pete, the reactions of some of my most loyal friends were shocking.  Well, only one person really.  Most level-headed pals responded with “Congratulations!  How wonderful!”  Yet, a friend….who, by the way, desperately wants male companionship, who seeks the online ads for husband number two...quietly drifted off into the shadows.  No warning.  No closure.  Nothing.  A woman who I've shared several years of child-rearing, who I've conforted through breakups and vice versa –- can some people love me only when I’m miserable?  It seems my happiness served a panicky reminder to this lonely single friend that happiness eludes her.  Perhaps she feared my life would no longer have room for her.  Who knows!  Moving in together and getting engaged is a big step toward a new phase of life….definitely a test for whether or not friendships survive.
The good news is I’ve been granted membership into a new club.  My married friends have started crawling out of the woodwork – smothering me with attention, emailing me with marital wisdom and wedding-planning tips, and pestering me to bring Pete over to dinner.

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