Tuesday, December 21, 2010


You know what people don't do anymore? Drop in to see friends. No one just "stops in" for a quick visit.

You say: "But, I'm busy! We have a schedule! What about mah privacy!" etc.

It's a shame, really.

Though our house is usually a wreck, each weekend, I at least try to clean the kitchen (the main room of the house) so that it's ready for spontaneous visitors. (Note: if you've ever been over here and are feeling the need to disprove that, shut up.)

We have to get out of this habit of waiting until the stars align to have fellowship. Stop on by…because chances are, I will forget to invite you over tomorrow or next week, and then a year will have passed, and we’ll wonder why the other has new gray hairs and deeper crows feet since the last visit.

We create these black holes of busy-ness, and I easily got sucked into it. The end.

No clue what I've been doing, but it usually involves telling people shorter than I to do stuff they don't want to do. But it’s Christmas craft day at our house. Cookies will ensue. Pandora Christmas music. Peppermint candles make my house seem extra festive. The mound of presents under the tree intoxicating. The children suspiciously on good behavior. It’s going to be a good day.

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