Friday, December 17, 2010


“Keegan, why does your lunch bag smell like there might be chunks of brown, spoiled nastiness in there? How long has this food been in here?”

[Shrugs shoulders]


Famous quote, “I forgot.”

With two kids in school and a full time job, I don't make a habit of going through their backpacks every night. Obviously. They pull out their homework and any papers for me, I help them with their homework if they need it, I check it, I sign their homework journal, and they put everything back into the bag. I guess, from now on, I'll have to ask, "Do you have any homework? Do you have any papers for me? Do you have anything that needs to be signed? Do you have any spoiled food in your backpack?"

Inevitably, among the papers smooshed and mutilated at the bottom of their bags are also invitations to birthday parties. Being held tomorrow. Most times, the weekend passing.

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