Monday, June 7, 2010


He's going to kill me when he finds out I've exploited another of his poems.  it's just too darn cute not to share.

Well you had to drop the kids off today,
But don’t worry they will have lots of fun when they play,
Now what will you do during this week by yourself,
Clean your house, take a nap or work on your health?
I hope it is none of those and you spend it with me,
Lounging with you in my arms is the only place I want to be.
We can wrestle and joke and even watch TV,
That is until Mike Holmes comes on because then you will know where we will be,
Yeah you guessed it snuggling in the bed,
Rubbing and kissing on each other forgetting about all the worries in your head.
But be careful though and definitely watch your back,
Because little Jarvy “ El Diablo” just might attack.
Now close your eyes and drift peacefully to sleep
And Don’t worry cause I will protect you as you continue to count your sheep.
Sweet dreams will come to you and only make you smile,
As I hold you tight all the long while.


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