Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Keegan – For your inexplicable amazement -- you’re a rockstar in the making!

Bailey – For having an even bigger heart than Mother Theresa.  Without you, my life would be less. 

Dad – The sweetest professor…the person I could listen to for days.  You are magnificent to hug and even better to love.  I’m the luckiest girl on the planet!

Mom – For always stepping up and taking the reins when any of us feels like we lost it.  You define the difference between the strong and the weak.

Pete – For making every moment combustible, your Cheshire grin, and how you just fit me in every way possible.  You compliment my life. 

Shawne - For being my most devoted supporter and the most thoughtful person I know.  For all your advice…all of it logical and wise.  The sound of your voice in the mornings…the way you evoke cheer, tranquility and hope.

Gina - For your warmth, your smile, and your choice in purses.  For calling out BS and then edifying me.  For being huggable, for those crown and cokes, and for your omnivorous behavior when I need someone to have my back.  Hee hee!

Steph - For your crazy-fun and righteous comments…the very elevators here at work miss you.  Oh, and for keeping mutiny an interesting place.

Kemberly – For your gorgeous smile, your fresh perspective, and your absolute magnetism.  For making every instance when I see you feel like Christmas.  Houston is even sweeter when you are here.

Brooke – For your kindness, the way your eyes smile, and your solid commitment to girl power!  I wish I were 15 years younger so I could be your best friend and not just your aunt.

Savannah - For being such a sweetie and the only girl who can rock a side ponytail! 

Mitzi – For being one of my favorite regulars, your hilarious comments, your flawless love and devotion, and for putting others’ needs above your own.

Julie – For your gentle sarcasm and wit, your vision, and your brilliance that shepherds you to fulfillment and beyond.

Tammy – For giving time you don’t have, making those around you the spotlight, and your ability to hug with your words.  You’re more apple-flavored than New York!

Angela – For your merriment, tenderness, and our glittery adventures out on the town – I gnash my teeth when I have to miss our get-togethers.

Jenni West – my sister…I wish you were around the bunker more often…I miss your ridiculous good humor!

Chrissy – for being so cutely matter-of-fact about everything, forgiving me for my senseless occasional omission of you, as well as, your excellent taste in GFs and for simply getting me.

Tim – For your never-failing “I love you’s” at every visit or phone call, for beating my ass with a pillow when I was too small to defend myself, for reppin’ the dirty dirty like it’s your God-given duty to...and for being unforgettable…no matter what you think.

Joey – For your support and encouragement at a moment when I truly needed it.  Not just one time, but every time.

Erin - For being part of my fondest childhood memories.

Fred – For your solid liquor recommendations when I was too young to drink, your sense of chivalry, and your magic with hair.

Deana - The fact that you live so fiercely, makes me want to pirouette…that is, when you’re not insulting a boy’s accent and mustard yellow shirt.  But for the way you think and how you articulate it, we wouldn’t be the same without all your flavor.

Yvette – For awakening a latent desire to reconnect with the strength I once was.

Wendee – For your exuberance!  You’re another phenomenal woman who keeps this place balanced.

Matt – For your loyalty, your steady presence…you are so gallant and talented.

Shanna and Stacey – Hello, gorgeousness!  I’m thankful for the “twin” facts that you exist.

Dana – For the times you claimed my Ricky Schroeder or Kirk Cameron make-believe husband as your own, for leaving your teeth marks on my butt cheek, and hiding from boys on the playground…for your 26 years of friendship, I heart you!

Jason & Marc – For because of you, I will forever treasure Astroworld in lieu of our 17 years of friendship!  Btw, our reunion is way overdue!

Josh – For being a welder of clever thoughts.  Just when I think I’ve slipped something in a status update that will go utterly unnoticed, you will note it, appreciate it and make me all swoony that you did.

Darren – For allowing me the victory of bare-foot races on DeMilo Dr.  You single-handedly make FB more fun, and have an interesting handle on life.

Daniela – For exceptionally memorable experiences and trusting me with scissors…I remember you and smile.

Katie – For our assloads of fun in high school and your steadfast loyalty to punk!  You understand that art is just as important as science.

Landon – For your heart’s as big as Texas, and your dedication for staying in touch with those you care about makes me gleeful.  I’ve got your six, and I know this.

Em -- For hand-knit scarves that feel like hugs.

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