Saturday, May 17, 2008


I like movies.  Actually, I LOVE movies.

I used to get mad at movies that were first books. See, more than I like movies, I like books. Books are The Shiz, ya dig? I used to read a book, then watch the movie and groan over how WRONG they got it. Or, I’d see a movie, and then realize there was a book, and get all depressed… see, now if I read the book, I’d have pre-defined ideas about how the people should look and act in my head. That takes away a large amount of the fun.

Books are cool partly because your mind can run away with all the imagery. My mind really likes to do that, so it likes books.

That said, movies also rock very much. I can seriously appreciate a good story line in a movie, and when the actors portray their characters well, it can be breathtaking. I’m also a sucker for a cinematographically beautiful shot.

(And I’m badass for using the word, “cinematographically.”)

Additionally, some killer modern effects and a slammin’ soundtrack are always a good time.

What I like most about movies is that they’re 1.5-2 hours long from start to finish.  I can’t finish a novel in 2 hours.  Wish I could.  But I can’t. 

So.  I digress.  I like movies better.  So, from time to time, I may talk about them.

Friday, May 2, 2008


All current and future members of the Hulse Family are hereby instructed to follow these ten rules as often as possible:
1. Run around the house naked if the mood strikes (children only! :)
2. Stay up past bedtime when we are having too much fun together
3. Sing loudly, anytime day or night
4. Enjoy making a good, supervised mess every now and then.
5. Read all of our books in funny voices
6. Make a tent and go hide in it when you need some quiet time
7. Take naps outside on a blanket
8. Write love letters to everyone
9. Crawl into bed with mama in the mornings
10. Tell the truth, be kind to one another, and be the first to say I’m sorry.
Three cheers for happy chaos!
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