Thursday, April 23, 2015


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Last weekend, I attended a women’s retreat at church with one of my besties and otherwise lived outside because it's 70’s and sun!! Standing in the sun and breathing outdoor air is my jam. You?

This week was really busy, but highly efficient. I put together some great dinners with Hello Fresh which gave me time for other things with the family and around the house.

Speaking of house, I really need this. I love Target (no one’s ever said that before). I refer to it as the Promised Land without any hyperbole.

I helped pick out 9 Mother’s Day gift ideas here that are under $100. Do you like any of these? Shall I put a bug in your husband’s ear? I bet you didn’t think of that!

I saw this foot washing station idea on Pinterest recently. Something so simple yet ingenious! 

This is spot on. We’re going back to our favorite place on earth in a few short months and we’re taking ALL our kids. I love sharing adventures with them!

These are the cutest sandals. Bailey needs them. (Fine! She wants them! And who am I to deny her, especially when we wear the same size!)

That's all folks.  Now go and be fruitful.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I have a confession -- I've been nagging at my husband a lot lately.

You see, I’m a minimalist and he’s a hoarder. I despise clutter and Pete accumulates piles of paperwork and mail on the kitchen counters until it antiques. I like to rid of things as we outgrow them or otherwise don’t need them, while he saves everything he’s owned since college. I like an organized garage, while he is quite content stacking bicycles on top of boxes on top of garden tools. We are both well aware of these character traits – it’s no secret. But man, does it get my water boiling to trip over a pair of his shoes or knock papers onto the floor that have piled a mile high on the kitchen island.

Then today, out of nowhere, a colleague voluntarily began spouting off negatives about his wife and it impacted my perspective profoundly. From his facial expressions alone, I gathered he’s not her biggest fan. He went on to express a “dreadful 2-hour drive” he’ll have with her tomorrow night, and while I listened, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her – her husband…speaking of her that way. Referring to her as “demon wife.”

You know, even though it would be preferable and polite for my husband to pick up after himself, in the great scheme of things, he is doing things mostly right. And he most certainly does not talk about me in *that* manner. I’m pretty sure he loves me, respects me, and honors me. But still. Knowing that I might be brewing resentment in his soul is devastating to even think about.

There are quite a few people in hopelessly bad marriages, yet most are perfectly capable of happiness. Do you find yourself nagging your partner a lot? Or do you find yourself saying your partner never does X or always does Y? If you answered yes, that may be the thing that’s ruining your marriage. Your nagging is more destructive than you think.

Being married over a period of time, we tend to get comfortable. Some get bored. Sometimes we become unhappy with ourselves. Or sometimes we get down over our circumstances like money issues, unemployment, or pregnancy loss. Whatever it is, we’re usually making our spouse the fall guy for our unhappiness. And the thing is, you may not even know you’re doing it.

Spend a little time each day and try to focus on his or her goodness. Do it until it becomes part of your everyday routine. And chances are, you are investing value into your partner…into your marriage, that will be returned. I know it’s cliché but you will ‘get out of it what you put into it.’

At the end of the day, marriage is saying “I love you too much to be without you, even if you drive me crazy!”

Monday, April 20, 2015


Has anyone ever asked you, “what is your parenting super power?”

I’m talking that ONE thing you REALLY really get right. Go ahead and think about it for a minute…
It might be hard to come up with your THING at first.

Having trouble? Rather, it seems like we remember every single failure, does it not?

All those times I was too tired for ‘just one more book, mommy’. The dinner that was so overdone that my kids voted to call out for pizza instead. How about this one: Have you ever temporarily lost your kid among the clothes at a department store… and I nearly went insane, screaming his name like it was my last breath. My toddler was oblivious the whole time. I found him by following the sound of his giggling.

So why don’t the successes jump to mind as quickly?

Did you come up with that THING you rocked as a parent? Are you great at dealing with sibling rivalry? Are you amazing at teaching your kids to read? Did you teach your whole neighborhood of kids how to ride a bike?

Kids struggle in a lot of areas… there are plenty of things where being a great parent will only get you so far. You can’t prevent every accident. In many cases, you learn as you go.  Maybe they have a learning problem; maybe they find they’re bullied in 4th grade; maybe they have massive allergies or other health or mental health issues.

I’ve watched plenty of parents deal with all of the above. When your kid is struggling is often when you have to dig deep and find the parenting superpower called patience. Because YOU can’t do a whole lot of anything but wait and love and encourage in so many of children’s experiences.

But really, what is YOUR super power? Share one thing you are good at.
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